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  • Holding up to regular use, super cute!

    This cute little hopping horse is my daughter new favorite toy. The house is made with a strong exterior fabric that is super thick and holding up to dragging and bouncing on our tile floors. The underside of this unzips and has a super thick rubber bladder that fills with air. The inside bladder has a small plastic pin system that pops out and the hand pump fits into the hole to blow the toy up, it blows up very quick. The legs, feet, head, and tummy all fill with air. The head of the horse has aremovable strap that my daughter holds onto when she bounces and scoots around. The toy doesn't loose air so I have not had to add more air. Overall the toy is strong and holds up to my daughters frequent use, this made her day when it arrived and she's inseparable from it.

  • Great 1st time luggage

    My son is 4 years old and he loves everything that goes trains, cars and trucks. He was so excited when it came in the mail he had no idea it was coming. Great quality and it came nice and ......

  • My kid LOVES this!

    This is such a fantastic construction set! He rectangle crate and be changed into 2 square crates or taken apart and connect the plates into a large mat to put everything on ......

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use, worked exactly as I had planned! In under 5 minutes I made this table for my little boy!...